Thursday, December 03, 2009

marker scribbles

I've posted a couple of new things on DeviantArt, both fairly simple doodles done with markers and ink. I can't really call these things "Sharpie doodles" anymore, since my collection has grown to include all kinds of ink-utilizing implements, but the spirit of freedom and experimentation I learned from my first set of Sharpies remains. (heartwarming!)


Since You Behaved So Nicely Today, You May Have a Piece of Cake:

(DA stifles my self-expression by limiting the length of my best titles.)

Prints of both are available in my Etsy shop.

For those interested, my marker collection is composed of the following:
.About 80% Sharpies - at one time or another I have owned every single color there has ever been, although I've lost a few over the years. My current goal is to build up my collection to have the fine AND ultrafine versions in every color! I love them. I LOVE them.
.A full set of Microns - YEAH! I finally invested in these this year and it has been worth it. I use them for fixing up all the finicky bits.
.Chartpak and Prismacolor markers - I only have a few of each of these, in really light colors that the Sharpies can't quite attain. I know everybody is all crazy for Prismas, and I do love them a lot, but I have really fallen head-over-heels for the Chartpaks. They lend this really sweet watercolor-wash effect, and their solvent base makes Sharpies bleed, which annoyed me for about 5 seconds until I saw how cool and blendy it looked.

I'd never really used markers until I got my set of Sharpies, so I am still learning how to use the fancy-pants pricey ones to their best effect. It has been a pretty satisfying process. I've been wanting for a while to use more traditional media, at least to get down the essence of a drawing. I love my tablet more than anything, but it can be a little like reading on a Kindle instead of a book - somehow, just not quite the same. Technology is super great, but sometimes nothing beats curling up in a comfy chair on a chilly day with your favorite scuffed-up old paperback, you know?

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