Friday, December 18, 2009


As of this afternoon, I am almost officially done with school for the semester - next week, I have to show up for three classes and BS a presentation based on a paper I already wrote. Whooo!

I spent this afternoon finishing up my final animation project, (I know I said the last one was my final, but that was a final as in the biggest project of the semester, and this is the final as in the last one) at least as much as I had time for.

For this one, it could be anything we wanted, but it had to be 15 seconds long, begin and end with a blank frame, and fall within the "horror" genre. My first instinct with this requirement was to spend the whole time sulking about how I hate horror, because I do, but I decided I would sit down and figure out what I could do within those requirements that I actually WOULD enjoy doing. I established that I don't like horror, but I do love Halloween, and one of the best parts of Halloween is the parade at Disney. And the best part of that parade is the Dead Waltzers in the Haunted Mansion Unit! They are so awesome.

Here is the result:


Heather said...

Oh I love the animation! Very funny, and not what you'd expect from a "horror" animation. =)

One thing I'd say is that perhaps it ends a little sudden; her arm detaches and he looks at it, then kind of lumbers off... it would be interesting if he were to chase after her or something.

Then again, they are zombies, so he probably didn't think that an arm falling off was anything to be alarmed about. ;)

Anyway, it's great. Are you going to be refining it any more?

customdesigns4ubynan said...

pretty cool. I can't imagine the patience required to do animation. Good for you!

illi said...

<333 love it :)

Crysto said...


cabin + cub said...

love the animation.. it's great! i am a big fan of halloween too, but not of horror. :)

Kecky said...

Thanks for the comments, guys!

This is as complete as this one is going to get. If I'd had another week or two, I would have liked to polish up each frame and fill in all the gaps, but hey, I've got the next 3 years to worry about making my animations really clean. For now, messy pencil tests are totally okay!!! :D