Monday, December 28, 2009

here is the news!!!

Okay! I can't hold it in any longer!!!

I'm opening a new shop on Etsy so I can sell my jewelry again!!!

I left all my supplies at home when I went to school, but I have really, really missed making my jewelry, especially my paper stuff. And I have really missed spending all my money on beads. So I'm back!!!

I wanted to open a separate shop because I always thought having my jewelry mixed in with my art was kind of messy. I named it "The Spaces in Between" because that's the name of my favorite song, and I also thought it was a nifty little reference to the layers of paper in my jewelry.

So on January 11, the day I'll be back in New York, me and my jewelry will be back and better than ever! I'm very excited to open a shop now that I know what I'm doing, and not spend so much time flailing around posting bad photographs of uninteresting items like I did when I opened my Kecky shop! (We all did that, right?)

I can't wait! Stay tuned... I'm hoping to have some sort of contest or giveaway to promote my grand opening!

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