Monday, December 28, 2009

happy winter!

I hope everyone had a very merry whatever-you-celebrate!!! I had a VERY lovely Christmas. Since I sold my soul to Disney, I've spent most of the past several Christmases working and trying hard to make the day magical for everyone else. Now that I actually get a break, it was so, so nice to come home and have a proper holiday.

I flew home early in the day on Christmas Eve, and despite lots of rain in Branson I landed safely and on time. I just barely had time to drag my suitcases into the house before it was off to church for the Christmas Eve service! I have gone to the same church my entire life, and every Christmas Eve for my entire life, we have brought our bells from home and jingled them along with everyone else while we sing "Joy to the World" as a finale.

Traditions are nice.

We also had the traditional Christmas Eve lasagna dinner with grandparents and cousins, and of course, the most sacred Kemper tradition of all - the Christmas Eve viewing of the Muppet Christmas Carol. I am serious. If we don't watch this movie, it is not Christmas. It just doesn't count.

What's your favorite/most unusual holiday tradition?

And of course, what was your favorite present? I got a LIGHT BOX!!! So I don't have to drag myself uptown to the animation lab every single time I want to draw an inbetween! Hooray!!!

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