Tuesday, November 16, 2010

more animation homeworks!

This assignment was to create a cycle with 4 elements... I thought the gears were the easiest part, but everyone was the most impressed by them, so that is probably an important lesson for life or something.

And here we have The Sneeze. I wasn't quite happy with the way this turned out. I really love the keys, especially on the sneeze itself, but it needs a lot more in-betweens at the beginning and end.

We're also spending the whole year in this class creating a complete short film. I'm VERY excited about this!!! I'm working on a story that I love, love, love. We've done our storyboards so far. Now onto the fun stuff!!!

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Cosmoetica said...

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A depressing thread, but your blog made me think you might want to learn more of art and interact with intelligent folk more. If interested, contact me and I can introduce you to some people with intelligence and drive in the arts. I have readers all over the world- from the UK to Canada to Japan to Tibet.
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