Friday, November 27, 2009

Hello Internet!!!

I figured it was time that I revived this ancient Blogger account and started a real blog. For a while I've been wanting a little online space that would tie together my illustrations, animations, drawings, doodles, jewelry, crafts, and all the other stuff I do that's currently scattered all the way across the internet. So now this is my space, and it'll all be here!

First off, a real introduction. I'm originally from Missouri and spent two years at Missouri State as a digital imaging major. I hated it there, so I dropped out and moved to Florida to work at Walt Disney World for the next few years. While I was there I was completely brainwashed into believing in my dreams and following my heart. I decided to get my life and career back on track, so I reassembled my portfolio, applied to some different art schools, and ended up going to the School of Visual Arts in NYC, which is where I am now, studying animation. I LOVE it!!!

I like making all sorts of things, and I'm looking forward to sharing all those different things here!

Let's start off with the project I've been devoting millions of hours of my life to for the past several weeks - my final project for animation class. As our final we're participating in the 11 Second Club, a monthly online contest where everybody animates to the same 11-second-long clip of audio. The selection this month is from Glee!!!

Here's what I've got so far:

I'm currently animating my little butt off in order to get all the little details filled in. I may have bitten off a tiny bit more than I can chew with this one. Oh well... story of my life.

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