Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer commissions open!

Commissions are open for the summer! I'll be taking batches of five at a time until further notice.

1. M.C. - illustration w/bg, 1 character - done!
2. M.B. - digital sketch, 2 characters - done!
3. P. - illustration w/bg, 3 characters - done!
4. M. - 2 fully shaded busts - 1st half paid, coloring
5. A.K. - 2 pencil lineart w/ flat colors - 1st half paid, coloring

Notes/Rules: -I'll be opening up five slots at a time and will complete at least 3 or 4 commissions before I open up new spots.

-Please e-mail me at kecky415(at) to claim a spot. (I won't be using DA notes this time, I prefer to keep everything in one place.)

-I accept Paypal, and ask for half payment before beginning on a commission and the other half when I have completed it. If you are uncomfortable using Paypal, I can take credit/debit card payments directly through my Etsy shop - please let me know if you would prefer to pay this way and I will create a listing for you.

-If you are not satisfied with the final version, I will gladly fix any small issues with it; however, for each revision after the first one I will add a $5 charge to the fee to be paid upon completion. To clarify, this applies to changing hair/skin/background/clothing color, accessories, etc.

-I will send you the full-resolution file by e-mail upon completion so you can print out as many copies as you desire for yourself. If you don't have a way to print it yourself, I can have prints made and sent to you for an additional fee of $10 (US) or $15 (international).

-I still retain the rights to any artwork created and may sell prints of any commissions I do. These prices are for commissions meant for personal use and do not include commercial use, like selling copies yourself or using the prints for business-related purposes.

-If I don't receive payment within 3 days of a slot being claimed, I may take you off the list if anyone else wants your spot.

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