Monday, March 21, 2011

minty fresh

tried a little speed painting today and did this in 2 hours:


Basically, I'm really, really slow at drawing. I'll routinely spend days painstakingly redoing a hand until it looks right or I give up. I start way more projects than I finish, because after I spend a couple weeks on something, the fun tends to wear off and it's still only halfway done.

This tendency is REALLY hampering the progress of my film, and I'm getting REALLY stressed out by the massive quantities of time it's taking me to get the slightest little things done. So I thought I'd take a break and practice not being so anal.

This might have been counterproductive though? Because I look at this and still just think about how much I need to fix her awkward back. Oh dear.



Dan Howard said...

I like this pseudo painterly direction :)

Kecky said...

thank you! i do too, but somewhere along the line i just got really fussy. trying to get out of that rut now!