Tuesday, January 12, 2010

new semester, new shop, new shoes

Back to school! Today was my second day of classes. Most of my classes are the same, but I did have one new one today - History of Typography! Yeah, it fills an art history requirement, but I would have wanted to take this class anyway. I looove type and fonts and all that - it's sort of an interesting connection between my artistic side and my passion for linguistics. (Not being sarcastic. Fun fact: I almost went to school for linguistics instead of art!)

Along with getting back to studying, I'm spending a lot of time creating jewelry for my new Etsy shop! I just started listing stuff on Sunday and already sold something, which sure beats the weeks I waited in agony for my first Etsy sale the first time around! Boy, have I learned a lot since then... mostly how to make things that people will want to buy, and just as importantly, how to take decent pictures of them.

As a grand opening celebration, I'm offering FREE SHIPPING on everything from now through January 20. Dude. Did you get that? FREE SHIPPING. That is pretty awesome.

One more link to my shop: The Spaces in Between

Keep an eye on it, cause the best stuff is still being listed!!!

Oh yeah... mostly I wanted a nicely rounded title, but I did get some pretty sweet new shoes over break. I treated myself with my Christmas money from Grandma to a pair of gray Blowfish hobbit boots.

I didn't own a single pair of boots except for rain ones, and I've learned that in NYC in the winter, bootless is a very silly state to be in. The situation is now remedied.

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